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The Magic Happens As You Piece and Quilt In The Hoop!

Our designs are pieced in the hoop, quilted in the hoop and joined in the hoop of your embroidery machine.

As a  Quilt As You Go (QAYGO) process our blocks are joined to each other in the hoop using Jaygo (Join As You Go) our method of joining blocks using continuous batting and backing strips to eliminate the need to close the backing between blocks.

Designs are guided to perfection by files you send to your embroidery machine. Learn about the concept.

Real 1/4" Seam Allowances & NO Unfinished Edges to Hide!

Use our quilt designs or plan your own quilt layout using your favorite quilting software or drawing method and use Queen of Stitching designs to quickly create blocks that are perfectly pieced in the hoop, totally quilted in the hoop and joined in the hoop.


Why Queen of Stitching


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Quilt Blocks

'Cause SIZE Really Does Matter

Double, Triple & Quadruple
the Size of Your Quilt Blocks

Larger Embroidery Hoops - NOT REQUIRED

Use Your 8" Hoops for 16" to 24" Blocks

Use Your 5" Hoops for 10" to 15" Blocks

Use Your 4" Hoops for 8" to 12" Blocks

Queen of Stitching

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Define Quilt Blocks Differently


modify assembly

Create Quilt Block Sections

Join Sections Into Rows

Join Rows to Reveal REALLY
HUGE Quilt Blocks

Quilt & Join As You Go With Continuous
Batting and Backing Strips

Quilt Blocks

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much more! create


with no compromises!

View All Quilt Designs

More About De-Constructed Quilt Blocks


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