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The September update to the Pfaff Creative Vision has for the most part remedied this situation for this line. Minor tension adjustments are now all that is required.

Something is wrong with my stitching. When I turn the hoop over and look at the stitches on the back side - they are loopy. What’s wrong?

Sounds like you have one of the newer machines. We are using our embroidery units in ways that they have never been used before. Sadly, we are finding out that many of the major brands are allowing their machines to make their way into the world without having their embroidery stitch tension fully calibrated.

For a permanent solution you may need to take your machine and embroidery unit into your dealer and have them calibrate the tension for you. Always make sure that you bring a sample with you so that the problem you are explaining is obvious.

For a temporary solution - try increasing your tension while in the embroidery mode. It may take several tries before you have increased the tension enough to resolve the problem. You may also benefit from adjusting your bobbin case tension. If you are fearful of making this adjustment - get a second bobbin case that is only for embroidery or decorative sewing.

Note: Pfaff Creative Vision owners - Our developers have found that it is necessary to make three adjustments to improve stitching results.

First manually lower your pressure foot height on the Creative Vision both 5.0 and 5.5.
Access the control by opening your Machine Settings - represented by a screwdriver and wrench on the bottom of your screen.

Make sure that you have the Sewing Machine icon selected (bottom left hand side). Take the Embroidery pressure down to -2 or -3. Results will vary by machine.

Second,  increase embroidery tension to around 4.6.

Third, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, manually lower your pressure foot when you begin  sewing a color break or you may not have enough tension to lock in your stitches.

We have been in contact with SVP - the group who now owns, Pfaff, Singer and Viking and will post news as soon as something is released.

SPECIAL NOTE: Want your machine to sew like a dream during regular stitching? Try taking the regular pressure foot height (shown by the E in the diagram) to 4. This adjustment has to be repeated when you power your machine up as the machine does not retain the adjustment like it does for the Embroidery Pressure Foot.